«Courage is in the heart of your inner child- your fighting cause. It’s amazing we fall asleep and we get back up.»


When we are disconnected from people, we are not the reason. But if it comes from why we live and it has to be clearer than the hell we are bound to raise. Finding lost truth. 

We can love it, being disconnected, if it reconnects us. In spite of what it is and we are not. The part to take no bigger part than we can understand and make it clear. We kill, we might, where there is no truth, but we don´t have to.

What it takes. We can take it from a dream. If we remember at all. 

What works easy to get to us.

Killing is a lonely game- a loners game. Nothing you can really share, but the hope it will reveal as a dream, where there truth is somewhere.

Outside the game. What time was lost? 

Is lost. 

But waking up to it being about who we are. As change and change is what we do to make it. Better from the dreams we already know, because we don’t demand them to. 

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