I love you with a message card — for every beautiful daughter born in time

I love you with a message card — for every beautiful daughter born in time

"I wanna go where you have been, I wanna go where you are — for there is a time"

Expressions of Love

There are millions of ways to express our love for the people in our lives and a million ways we can forget to do so.

It can sometimes be hard to find the right words, the right gift, or even the right time for it. With Jewelry message cards at Sheerluck-art.com we strive to make it easier for you. 

It isn't so much about finding the right words or about the jewelry itself (though they love that too!), but the expression of love that comes with it.

Nothing has to be perfect if it is something ongoing and well-known to us. To love and be loved.

To my daughter- Collection

In this collection, you will find ways that cherish the expression of love for our daughters.

Daughters of all ages, from beautiful baby girls to teenage daughters to adult daughters  that someday might want to become mothers themselves. 

We celebrate the love for daughters especially, to make them feel loved or learn to feel love as a constant thing- the core of art and the paradox of time. 

It takes time for love to rule the world- but with love, it is easy!  or at least made to be easier.

Take a look inside our store and continue creating all the new ways for love to exist and grow between us, maybe starting with:

I love you!,

With all my time.

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