The Essence of Love

The Essence of Love

On the surface of life is the essence of love.

How do we build a strong foundation for life so our love can flow freely in time?

Life has a forever need to be nurtured the way it needs to be nurtured. Which way is that?

Both ways and everything, isn't that what love would say? Though it never speaks a word and it's better that way?

When it comes to love anyway. Or if you ask a tree, why does it need?

It might just say things that are not easier to understand anyway. Things like:

I wish you had a little more of it to it (to what?)

What do you think….? (who thinks?)

And as I'm listening to these people I get to think…?
(who listen?)

That's all I got, no edge no nothing. Three days in a row, how do you continue from that? You just do (do what?)

To not be a clogger? Or a tree…

So with all that and whatnot, even love would not have a clue, going from here or where?

Building a strong foundation for life

It/ Love might be beyond us, but if we forget to be nurtured by it. It just isn't and can't be what it is. It takes time to build back to a premise of what love is for life: closer to life.

Once upon a time I too could sing among the angels on a cloud far from and close to here and then came the weather and I landed on something called the ground and it was made of something called asphalt.
I then lost my voice to sing and speak for years to come.

Even the trees know that, when love is gone, it's gone for now. 

But if we wait for spring it's forever right there!

From within us as a matter of time.

To my daughter message card with alluring beauty necklace (18k yellow gold finish) - Sheer: your Luck -
To your dreams,
and all thiings to be reminded from time to time.

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